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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> -- wondered if we were ever going to get hired because it is to tough out there. >> an event that has been a long time coming and they are not the only ones. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, in less than 90 minutes 10 new firefighter graduates will get their
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badges, claudine wong explains why the ceremony is significant not just for them but also for the city of vallejo. >> reporter: good afternoon, yes, we are at a training center and they just wrapped up an exercise where they showed them how far they have come and what they will face. today marks a big moment for them but also for the city they now work for. it has been a long road to get here, training for weeks for a job they dreamed of that were not sure they were ever going to get. >> some of us wondered if we were ever going to get hired because like i said we just worked and persevered and tried to make ourselves better candidates. >> when the time came they were up against a thousand others but it was these 10 that made it. what begins today marks a milestone for them but also for
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the city, budget cuts and others forced them. and it was not easy, it was from a fema grant. >> that allows us to open up a fire station that was closed, so we will be open up station 5. >> that means better coverage for vallejo, for these recruits they know they are part of rebuilding, part of coming back but that is also a big part of why they wanted to be in vallejo. >> vallejo has got to do a lot more with a lot less than other places so we are going to keep busy and fight fires and help a lot of who don't get help any other way and if you want to be a firefighters there is nothing better than a place like vallejo. >> it will open later this month, the recruits still have a long road ahead of them but they say it is just the be
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beginning of a career that will keep them here for years. >> one year ago they died battling a house fire. they were trapped by a flare-up of flames. the didn't in san francisco will remember them tomorrow. the ceremony will include a moment of silence and the unveiling of a memorial garden and plaque at their fire station. a pair of suspicious fires broke out this morning at a high school. in 11 minutes how much damage they did and how long it took to get them out. the latest jobs report was released today and it is much weaker than expected. according to the labor department 69 thousand new jobs were created in may but that is t is less than half and the
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unemployment increased for the first time in 11 months. this morning the president repeated his calls for republicans to pass bills that could increase hiring and spur growth this election year. >> so my message to congress is now is not the time to play politics and sit on your hands. the american people expect their leaders to work hard no matter what year it is. >> another month of disappointing job gains. it is pretty clear that me american people are hurting. small businesses continue to avert hiring any additional people. and it is clear that the policies that we have seen are not working. >> the president visited a honey well manufacturing facility in golden valley, minnesota today. he is also set to attend fundraisers today. because of this morning-job report it has been a tough day, stocks dropped from the opening
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bell and stayed down, investors are stampeding to the safety of government bonds. a might have look at the big board, the dow currently down 263. in fact it has lost all of the gains it made. the nasdaq down 73, that is 2.6%, the s&p is down 30. federal prosecutors this morning announced grand jury indictments against two san francisco -- rather sacramento county sheriff's deputies on charges of illegal gun dealing. >> in these transactions law enforcement officers used their official status as peace officers to purchase guns that are not available for sale to the public in california then resold them to purchasers in private party transactions. >> good morning. >> the indictments named the deputies as ryan mcgowan and thomas lue, robert dealer robert snelling and ulysses hurly the 4th is also charged. 1 has left and the other is on
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leave, scheduleed for arraignment this afternoon. three young people are recovering after two shootings last night. the first at 9:00 on 63ed street and injured two. one of the friends drove him to the hospital. they don't believe he was the intended target. a second victim in his 20s was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital. we don't know their conditions or what led up to the attack. so far no word of any arrests. oakland police say another juvenile was shot and injured in your shooting last night. an ambulance rushed the victim to the hospital. we don't know his condition and police say there are no suspects at this time. testimony resumes this afternoon in the brian stowe beating case. a preliminary hearing is taking place in los angeles to determine if there is enough
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evidence to put two suspects on trial. luis sanchez and marvin norwood are accused in the attack. witnesses have provided graphic testimony of what happened. two of stowe's friends with him that night are expected to testify today. the city of berkeley is considering a new ban, that one would outlaw people sitting on sidewalks. lorain blanco joins o joins us to explain. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, yeah, the mayor hopes to make it illegal and if you break the law it would cost you 50 dollars. >> he picks a spot and sits her. >> i don't have anywhere else to go. >> but this could still come with a cost if the mayor gets what he wants. he is pushing an ordinance to
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make it sit on sidewalks between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. >> i would ask him permanently has he ever been without. >> we took that question to him. >> no, i have not. the point is we have lots and lots of places for people to sit. that is one of the things that happened is we established different benches and opportunities for people to sit. they don't have to sit on the sidewalk. >> the mayor tells us this measure is not an attack on the homeless. the nextlogical step after working with business owners to clean up the area and attract more visitors. >> an opportunity for people to come and shop and be comfortable so we can get the revenue to provide the services for the people who are homeless. >> many people we talk with worry it may not be enforced consistently. >> so is a student sitting and studying i would guess that maybe even after they approach them they might choose not to
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give them a ticket so i imagine it was enforced unfairly. >> the mayor told us he realizes this is a contentious issue, that is why he wants it on the ballot so voters can decide and brings to bring plans to bring it up to city council and could go efct later. >> ed lee faces a deadline today in the case against the sheriff. the mayor is due to turn in what is called a bill of particulars outlining details of the accusations against him. he suspend him after the sheriff pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in a domestic violence case. the ethics commission plans to hold a hearing on the evidence june 19th and will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors on whether or not to remove him from office. developing news to report out of the north bay where a clothing warehouse has gone up in flames. the fire broke out three hours
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ago at a former apple processing plant in sebastopol, a vintage company uses half of it. they believe a welding torch may have touched it off and raced through the building. firefighters had to tear down the sheet metal to put out the flames. they have it contained but expect to be working there all day. >> it was -- an intense amount of heat up against the side of the building. >> the fires at a bay area school. hear more of what they are saying. a lot of changes coming to bay area weather, even a chance of rain, rosemary is up with a few minutes with details for you. >> i like delivering mail. >> and he liked it for a very long time. we will take you to a retirement party that was a long time coming.
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pg&e is working to repair a high-tension power line brought down by a crane on an electric company truck. the truck belongs to ray's lech drink company, the driver tells ktvu he was driving on capitol drive with his crane up too high and it snagged the wires.
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he may have been cited by police. the accident caused a power outage for several businesses in the area. there is no word yet on how long the repairs will take. drivers on the east sigh of livermore had to deal with traffic lights that wept dark this morning. pg&e says the lick tries electricity went off for them. the rest of the power was restored by 9:15. they blame an equipment failure but did not say what equipment. a bicyclist was killed in a head on crash with an suv. it happened just before midnight on old river road in holidaydale. the c ph says the bicyclist did not have a light and was riding against the traffic, he was in his early 30s, the drivers cooperating and has not been arrested. police are investigating a stabbing attack in the tenderloin district, police
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rushed there around 1:00 this morning. police say a victim was cut but they don't know if the weapon was a knife. the victim was treated for serious injuries. arson investigators are looking into a pair of suspicious fires early this morning at a high school in san jose. firefighters got the call after 2:30. they found a dumpster full of books on fire and not far away they found a fire in a pile of wood next to the school library. >> there was an intense amount of heat up against the side of the building. fire crews had to force entry through this gate you see here and attack the fire from there. the fire did not enter the interior of the library. >> it took about an hour to get the fires out. they did minor damage. school is out by the way so no students were affected by the clean up that began this morning. budget cuts could force san francisco city college to make changes. the chronicle reports the school may have to combine some of its campuses or close down
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altogether. trustees voted for an independent evaluation. city college faces a 14 million dollar budget deficit. it is trying to avoid lay offs and class cancellations will at the same time keep its full accreditation. they have 90,000 full and part- time students. this is the final day for lawmakers to approve a bill bill restricting the use of cameras. they passed it. it would require cities to not consider how much money they could get from fines when deciding if they will install the cameras and also require them to post warning signs within 200 feet of an intersection that has the cameras, the state assembly is supposed to take it up at its final session today. state lawmakers had no say in it but they will be getting less money before the end of the year. a state compensation panel has approved a 5% across the board pay cut for all state elected
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officials. that includes the governor, who will earn $165,000 a year down 9000 dollars, for base it will drop to 90,000, almost 5000 dollars less than they currently earn. the pay cuts are set to take effect on december third. the san francisco museum of modern art has acquired a controversial piece of political art. the museum is adding robert yarnissons famed bust of george mosconi, the mayor assassinated with harvey milk in 1978, it was created for the opening but it was pulled because of writing on the pedestal about the assassination, it goes on work as part of a full gallery devoted to him. he grew up there and die in 1992. an effort to regulate california marijuana dispensaries has won a key victory but its future is doubtful. the state assembly passed a
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bill yesterday to create a state agency to oversee the medical marijuana industry. it would license dispensaries and manage things from growers to deliver drivers to marijuana testing labs, however it may not be approved by the senate. critics say the bill is short on specifics, especially how the state can governor hundreds of dispensaries and thousands of workers. new ferry service starts monday between south san francisco and the east bay. the ferries will run between the terminals at jack lemon square in oakland, mine street in alameda and oyster point in south san francisco. they will operate only on weekdays going west there will be three boats in the morning and one in the late afternoon, going east thee will be one trip in the morning and two in the late afternoon. a letter carrier in danville is making his last appointed rounds today after more than 4 decades on the job. [ singing ]
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>> francis o'leary has been delivering mail in danville for about 42 years, in 2010 he received the prestigious million mile award for driving over a million miles on his mail route without an accident. he says he will miss his route and his customers. >> i like -- i like delivering mail, you know, i like to get outside and deliver mail and meet the people. >> he says he plans to spend a lot of spare time fishing. outside our doors this afternoon a near repeat happening. we have got clouds, cool weather by the coast. it is going to be another scorcher inland, we do have changes on the way. a live look there at the bay area and the bridge, seeing hazy sky along the coastline,
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still mostly cloudy over areas right around pacifica, half moon bay, santa cruz finally beginning to see gray skies turn blew. you can see here that patch of clearing. still hugging the cost pretty good, a north westerly breeze will continue to push that out of the area, by this evening the southwesterly breeze is expected to pick up and that is going to lead to a cool down for your weekend. the winds right now gusting at s sfo, a sustained wind there. a southwesterly breeze in some cases, napa southwesterly at 9 miles per hour, so a bit of that cooler marine air trickling into napa and it is seen in the difference here with our temperatures. 72 in napa, 82 in santa rosa, so just an indication there of what is to come once that onshore breeze begins to kick in. we all eventually begin to feel that cool down. 84 in livermore already at this hour, so you know you are expected to hit 90s once again for today, 75 san jose, around
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the bay area mid-60s, oakland will be similar to yesterday with 60s and 70s in the forecast around the east bay. 82 degrees in concord, again the sea breeze expected to return to the area in time for the weekend. we could begin to feel it by this evening so if you open the door and feel that sea breeze you will know it is happening. the satellite radar here showing you the ridge of high pressure that has been over us beginning to break down a little bit. by tomorrow it will be a little bit more noticeable. the system behind it is what is going to bring us the cool down, the onshore breeze, the low clouds back to the area for your weekend and eventually we could see rain. here is you are your forecast notice off the coast then will move back in and by tomorrow morning we could have low clouds across the bay and into areas along the east bay we will burn off and have sunny skies for the afternoon but temperatures will roll back, so again for today a near replica of thursday, a notable drop in temperatures expected for the weekend. then by monday even scattered showers in the forecast.
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your highs today 88 santa rosa, 84 navato, upper 80s to 90s for them. san jose you are looking at 84 degrees for today. 83 sunnyvale, long the peninsula mostly sunny skies upper 70s to low 80s, there, low 60s at the coast so quite a difference but we are used to that. there is your extended forecast, look at sunday and into monday, 68 degrees the afternoon high expected even for our valley folks. >> big change from today. >> absolutely. >> we need it. >> all right. >> thank you rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> it is national doughnut day and people are taking the opportunity to celebrate one of their favorite guilty pleasures, it is celebrated each year on the first friday in june, mark the occasion by getting a free doughnut at krispy kreme stores and you don't need to buy anything. >> we are really excited about free doughnut day basically and anyone can come in and each
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person can get up to 1 doughnut for free of their choice. >> it was started in 1938 when salvation army workers give them to hungry people during the depression and it was also a tribute to people who served doughnuts to soldiers in world war i. the name change coming to a well-known place in the bay area and the unexpected guest at a school. crews had a bear of a time getting him out.
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a dismal jobs report we told you about earlier and other evidence of a economic slow down clobbering u.s. stocks, the big worry is it is widening and accelerating. take a look at them now. you can't call it that anymore, the race track is ending its 10 year sponsorship deal with them. the owners and operators are working on a new part nearship no naming rights. the change will be made whether or not a new partner is found. we see kids on playgrounds but not young bear cubs but he was running around there yesterday. an outdoor ceremony next door had to be put on hold. >> what was your first thoughts? >> that it was an ugly dog but
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it was a bear. >> it made its way to an apartment complex where they cut it and took it back into the wild. today at 5:00 could be an interesting weekend for travelers flying in and out of the san francisco and oakland airports, the major projects taking place which could lead to delays delay. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you, thanks for watching. have a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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